The prospect of turning a year older does not faze me. Turning a year older but none the wiser does.

And since I’m just halfway the average Filipino’s lifespan, I figured I might have several more birthdays down the line – just about enough time for me to be a wizard (insert smiley here).

And so I made a pact with myself on the eve of my birthday while being slowly lulled to sleep by the rickety rackety sounds of a sleeper train somewhere deep in the forests of Malaysia.

I have resolved to become a travel whiz and to try out something new every chance I get.

I am a daily commuter, but a travel whiz? That might be stretching it a bit too far, a voice inside my head told me (no, I don’t need to get my head checked, thank you!). “An adventurer/risk-taker?” another disbelieving voice asked (oh yes, the voices can be pesky and irritating too!).

But I have made up my mind.

I will live curious.

I will go out of my comfort zone.

And learn.

And become wiser.

And then I slept soundly.

(The eyebags the next day of my sister who occupied the upper bunk bed told me, lol.)


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