My smile in this photo is a dead giveaway.

After reading mixed reviews of the YMCA Hostel in Kuala Lumpur on Trip Advisor, we decided to throw caution into the wind and give it a try. After all, we will only spend a night there. And for 80-100 ringgits (bed and breakfast), we figured this was a steal.

Imagine our relief upon seeing that it was not bad as the three Trip Advisor reviewers would like us to believe (3 out of 24 reviews rated the hostel as terrible).

In fact, the YMCA has several things going for it:
1. Location. It’s very near KL Sentral, the city’s transportation hub. After dropping your keys at the reception counter and a short walk, expect to be comfortably seated in a train that will take you to…Petronas Twin Towers or Batu Caves perhaps?
2. Price. 80 ringgits or P600 per person for a bed and breakfast I believe, is very hard to come by. The cafe where the free breakfast is served is clean and the service crew are, shall we say, very attentive, lol.
3. Amenities. Clean and comfortable beds, a large wardrobe, clean CR, a TV and a functioning aircon, can we ask for more?
4. Service. Not very friendly/approachable but eager to help just the same.

And, here’s the best part: you will only have to pay upon check in.

No reservation fees. No advance payments.

Now, who can top that?!


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