Think Man v. Food. I was channeling my inner Adam Richard when I went to Glorietta this week, raring to take on the ultimate foodie’s challenge: DADS Ultimate Buffet.

For those in the know, DADS is way up there in a gourmand’s (this sounds better than its synonym: glutton) must-visit restaurants in the metro. And why ever not? DADS offers three great buffets in one: DADS continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties, and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine. And for P645, quite reasonable too!

Now, I always have this very big appetite (Ok, I didn’t have to say that. I will let my large girth speak for itself.). But my resolve to devour everything on the table sometimes fails me even before I could even partake of the glorious buffet laid out before me. I guess this must be because I’m a very visual person and my sense of sight takes precedence over my other senses (i.e., “busog na ang mga mata ko kaya parang busog na rin ang tiyan ko”).

So to avoid an utter disaster, I decided to take a different tack: take a bite of anything and everything (think sampler platters).

Here are some of my sampler platters:

So did my sampler platter strategy work? Epic failure! After about three plates (If you must know, I was aiming for five, lol), I had to raise the white flag already. I barely mustered enough room for a fruit platter. What a waste! Good thing I wasn’t paying for it, lol.

Here’s a DADS Guide for Dummies: DADS has a color coded plate scheme depending on the buffet that you are paying for. If you’re having the Ultimate Buffet (access to all the buffet spreads), then it’s the blue plate for you. I’m not sure though if they are using the same color scheme for all their branches and if they tolerate clients who are color-blind (I did not encounter any problems though, lol).

I also learned that they have a merienda buffet at less than P200 per pax. Now this one I have to try.
ADDRESS: 2nd Level, Glorietta 3 Ayala Center, Makati City
TEL. NO.: (632) 892-8898; (632) 892-8897 FAX. NO. (632) 892-8906
EMAIL ADDRESS: glorietta@vvvfood.com
OPERATING HOURS: 11 am – 10 pm
Kamayan No Left Over Buffet: P365
Saisaki No Left-Over Buffet: P605
DADS Ultimate Buffet: P645
Eat all you can Meryenda buffet at P159 during weekdays and P179 during weekends.


2 thoughts on “Pigging out at DADS

  1. my family and i were former frequent diners of dad’s saisaki kamayan in glorietta. we rarely go to other branches because we find that of megamall, quezon ave and edsa’s all cramped and disorganized. we usually favored sitting in saisaki area for the great biased to japanese food.

    we’ve also had several merienda buffet there but it’s not so tummy-filling as their lunch and dinner buffets.

    now, i miss their blue plates! haha.

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