Haven for Ukay-Ukay Junkies No More?

Barangay Bangkal in the City of Makati has been hogging the headlines these days. And not for the best of reasons. If the residents of the West Tower Condominium are to be believed, the leakage from the First Philippine Industrial Corporation’s (FPIC) oil pipeline (which seeped into their basement) is one of the country’s biggest environmental disasters. This must be a downer for the ukay-ukay junkies who regularly troop to the thriftshops located along Hizon Street to get their fix (West Tower is just a stone’s throw away). I mean, who would go to a place which authorities label as a ticking-time-bomb-that-might-explode-any-time?

Errr, I would.

Let me absolve myself first. I was introduced to this place by a friend who frequents the area to decompress a bit. (I guess there does exist an endangered species which does not believe in shopping to relieve stress and to reduce anxiety levels, but to each her/his own.) However, I started going to this place in earnest when I decided to move to my own place in Cavite. You see, I was afflicted with this mental illness called horror vacui, lol. I realized that living in an airy and relatively spacious abode takes some getting used to after several years of living in a cramped space.

And so I started looking for ways to relieve the symptoms.

On any given day, here’s what you will find in these thriftshops (an eclectic mix of kitschy and cool).

And here are the things that now fill up my space:

Console Table (P1,500) / Pair of Table Lamps with Glass Stands (P1,800) / Mirror with Narra Frame (P1,000)

Original La-z-boy (P3,000). Lazyboys fetch for no less than P5,000 but I bought this two years ago during All Souls’ Day. Business was expectedly matumal and so Ate begrudgingly gave in to my aggressive bargaining.


Tip: do not be fooled by the ukay-ukay and thriftshop tag. Many of the items here are really pricey. Frequent and loyal customers are given special prices though. And oh, did I mention that some VIPs also shop here? I once spotted Senator Zubiri shopping here.


12 thoughts on “Bangkal Thrift Shops

  1. i’ve always wanted to stroll along those thrift shops in bangkal until it remained a plan (a wish).

    my wife and i used to collect ‘my home’ and ‘real living’ magazines then, and the photos of these quaint shops in makati and even near our place in kamuning, quezon city had been so inviting. “bullet-day” (balang-araw) papasyalan din namin yan. haha!

    • Hi docgelo, you should drop by when you’re in town. You might be able to get something here that you can take back to Penang. The thriftshops are open Mondays thru Saturdays, although a few shops are sometimes open on Sundays.

  2. hello Bro! is that friend who needs to destress me?! ha ha ha..but u have to agree that Bangkal trips kept me sane, di bala?! he he he..may utang ka pa sa akin na Bangkal trip..miss ko na! see yah!

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  4. Hi Mr jun! Just wanna ask if you recall some prices of the china (some kitchen plates or the like). I wanna visit this thrift store real sooon, but I’m still researching cause I’d like to know the basic prices

    • can’t really give you exact figures (it has been years already since I last bought china from these thriftshops). but prices typically depend on the age of the china, its maker and where it comes from. trust me, these people know their goods and their prices vary depending on these factors.

  5. Help! I need the contact telephone # of the thrift shops on SANTO – religious statues. May I request that you send me: text to (0915)4228846.
    Big favor.Thanks in advance

    • sorry but I can’t recall seeing religious statues on sale in these thriftshops (or maybe i was not just looking for these things during my visits). most of the items are furniture, china, house decor, etc.

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