A brand new way of living is evolving south of Metropolitan Manila — NUVALI Evoliving. While the metropolis is choking with several high-rise condominium projects which are growing like trees in a rainforest fighting for as much sunlight as they can get, Ayala Land through NUVALI is showing ’em all the future of urban living — one “where the balance between a lifestyle of responsibility and sustainability thrives in an environment of diverse spaces, activities and services.”

And it is open to the public!

And so late in the afternoon yesterday, we decided to check out what it has to offer. Our original plan was to beat the summer heat by escaping to Tagaytay but after some hemming and hawing, we decided to drop by NUVALI.

Our first stop was the Evoliving Center which houses interactive exhibits, a conference room, and the showrooms of the Phase 1 residential projects. It also offers an expansive view of the 4-hectare man-made lake which is now home to several taxiboats and hordes of ravenous Kois.

Our next stop was Solenad where kids and kids-at-heart were all agog over the Kois. A medium-sized bag of Koi Food can be had for just P15 and voila, you have the fishes’ undivided attention. The kois were the perfect image of a PG (an invective) and would jostle for position when they sense forthcoming food pellets.

Solenad also offers several dining choices but we decided to forego the opportunity to dine in an al fresco, lakeside environment and settled for our baon na pansit at tinapay at the parking lot (yup, cheapos indeed, lol).

For another 30 pesos, one can take a 10-minute taxiboat ride and another 60 pesos for a 1-hour bike rental. NUVALI also has a 50-km jogging lane and a 10-hectare open area that includes 3 FIFA-sized football fields, 2 baseball fields, 3 sand volleyball courts and a multi-use reception facility.

We did not stay long at NUVALI since we still had Tagaytay in our itinerary.

Alas, the heavens started to pour down along the way. The cold, rainy weather was a welcome change but unfortunately we had to bid adieu to our plans for some serious sightseeing in Tagaytay. We agreed that the next best thing under these circumstances was a hot bowl of B-U-L-A-L-O.

It was raining cats and dogs around this time and reading signages that scream BULALO, we realized, can be a challenge. Fortunately, the heavens relented a bit and we were able to make out the following sign:

RSM Lutong Bahay has a charming bahay-kubo exterior (its roof is made of anahaw leaves and the veranda lamps, shown below, are made of bamboo) which contrasts sharply with its avant-garde-esque interiors.

This column, for instance, looks like an installation art that has already made the rounds in some of the country’s major art galleries.

The resto has several lutong-bahay food on its menu but we finally settled for mechadong baka, talong with pork and bagoong, and a steaming big bowl of bulalo. Our rice was served binalot-style, complete with hard-boiled egg (instead of the usual itlog na pula) and tomato.

And so, while everything outside was dripping wet with the sudden downpour, we comfortably sat there and had our fill of comfort food.


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