I finally mustered enough guts to check out the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park located in Carmona, Cavite. I live just a couple of kilometers from this place but I have always been intimidated by the LEISURE and BUSINESS parts of its name (methinks “I am not a man of leisure nor do I have any business there”). The lure of the PARK was hard to resist today though, lol.  So off I went despite the dire weather forecasts.

The driver of the shuttle service brought me to a perfect spot with an expansive view of the race-track. Wow! I was floored by the sheer size of the twin-oval thoroughbred race-track which is said to be comparable to the best racing facilities in the world. I almost let out a laugh when I was reminded of that sex scene from a Jason Statham movie (was it Crank 2?) which was shot on a race-track very similar to this one.

And then I turned to my left and I realized I was just outside the imposing gates of Canyon Ranch, one of the country’s first class, private residential communities. For a moment, I stood there and wondered how it is to live in a gated community with stunning views of landmark surroundings.

The sound of galloping horses brought me back from my reverie. I abandoned all sense of decorum and ran close to the racetrack to get this photo. I was half expecting to hear a loud shrill sound of a whistle to come from behind me but thankfully there was none.

The social climber in me told me to rub elbows with horse racing afficionados in the viewing stands. But the dour-looking security guard stopped me on my tracks and showed me the sign that says no one wearing slippers shall be allowed in the premises. WTF! Had I known, I would have come in my Sunday’s Best, lol.

I did not attempt to reason with the guard.  “What was I thinking,” I asked myself. “Eh yung kabayo nga may sapatos bago sumabak sa karera?”


7 thoughts on “Just horsing around…

  1. hi jun, ang ganda pala dun ah – i like the photos you took (and your blog is very entertaining!). ang sushal ng lugar! next time magsuot ka din ng sapatos, gaya nung sa kabayo hehehe


    • oo sushal dun, di mo aakalain na may lugar palang ganun dito sa cavite. i heard last 2003 lang sila lumipat sa cavite. dati nasa manila ang san lazaro race track.

  2. i found myself today horsing around – only in your blog hehe. nice title, light to read entry. mayda ka ngayan dinhi ha hehe

    • hi boris! nagstart la ako magblog last february. do you also have a blog on wordpress? you should have one. mag-upay iton imo mga photos and the places you have been too…biri, kalangaman… nagtitikahalaba la iton akon bucket list thanks to you hahahaha.

  3. had it not for your blog, i would not know that there’s a posh horse racetrack in cavite! i love the 3rd picture btw.

    at gusto ko lang sabihin, jun na hindi ka nag iisa sa linyang, “The social climber in me..” i always use that line too! haha! 😀

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