A news article featured in the Korean Times explains why South Koreans are coming in droves to our shores:

“They come in the thousands every month, eager to learn what is considered as the language of some 1.8 billion people worldwide.

For South Korean students, the Philippines is now a haven as far as learning the English language is concerned. The last five years saw the phenomenal rise of the Philippines as the prime source of English education for South Koreans. Whether they come to the Philippines to study English or sit in front of their computers at home in Seoul and learn the correct pronunciation of English words from a teacher in Manila, South Koreans are bent on learning English as a second language as part of the globalization plan implemented by the government.”

This fact was foremost on my mind during my very first night in Seoul, South Korea. We could not help but laugh at some of the signages that greeted us while we were looking for a nice (read: affordable) place to have dinner.Β  I sure do hope that the following are just examples of the goofiness that attracted Pinoys to Sandara Park and not the poor quality of English education that they get from our country, lol.

I was born to love you, not to be a Garlic Chicken!

“Delicious Story Together Joy” could mean “good conversations and good food”. But you get the drift, right.

Best Food, Best Delicious!

I have a feeling that they handle hassle-free events, haha!

Boss defined

“Suit makes your start” could possibly mean “To jump-start your career, include at least one power suit in your professional wardrobe!”

Tour Fried Chicken

My colleague, Erica, was tickled pink by this subway sign.

Sandara Park is COMMING soon

Another subway sign. Just a typo, lol.

Nameless PC Zone

Rea Pe Handmade Shop. They sell handmade items only.


7 thoughts on “Krong-ology

  1. i got your point!:D parang nasa pinas ka lang marami ding ganyan dito eh kakaaliw hahaha, it’s like a USP and i find it cool COMMING SOON, ELEVATER, NAMELESS PC ZONE so Pinoooy…hahaha that’s how we attract customers/consumers right? Ok lang kahit mali-mali ang english deadma nalng and as for the poor quality of education in the country well kanyang – kanyang diskarte nalng yan ;D

    • Hi Ms. Mariane, thanks for dropping by! Nakakaaliw po talaga ang mga signs na nakita namin. Meron pa nga akong nakalimutang ilagay sa post ko hehe. Pero wala pong katulad ang Delicious Story Together Joy. Parang Tagalog na isinalin sa wikang English lang talaga hahaha.

      • hi! you’re welcome! galing nyo naman nagtrip to korea kayo sana ako din one day jejeje mapuntahan nga yang Delicious Story Together Joy ano ba ang especialty nila? πŸ˜€ ito ang tinatawag na THE FILIPINO – KOREAN CONNECTION πŸ˜€ astig! jejeje anyway my fb kaba or twitter ms. galangpusa? add mo ako f ok lang sayo mariane ordonia on fb, @ineedtobeheard twitter account ko.tnx… God bless!!! πŸ˜€

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