I’m not really a big fan of soaps. But most Filipinos are. In fact, it is considered a national past-time.

However, by some strange quirk of fate, I have been exposed to two vastly different cultures on opposite sides of the world because of these soaps.

And I meant literally, not just figuratively!

Last year, I found myself with two of my colleagues roaming the streets of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain. We could have opted to visit Switzerland or Italy after staying in the City of Lights for three days. But no, it was going to be Barcelona. So why, you might ask me, did we choose this renowned urban vacation destination along the Mediterranean coast? Because, I was told, some of the most memorable scenes of Meteor Garden II were shot in this city.

A sidestreet in La Rambla, Barcelona.

Two weeks ago, I again found myself with four of my officemates exploring the magnificent palaces in Seoul, South Korea and… ogling at costumes, accessories, and various other items donated by Korean stars such as Rain (Full House) and Choi Ji-woo (Stairway to Heaven) at the Star Showcase section of Star Avenue.

One Rainy Afternoon in Downtown Seoul

So yeah, I have a feeling that our next destination will be Ixtapa City in Mexico (hola Marimar!)!!!


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