Train Seat Courtesy

Pretending to know how to read a map in a subway train

After clearing the immigration counters at the Incheon International Airport (rated the best airport in the world by the Airports Council International from 2006-2008, sorry I couldn’t resist dropping that bit of trivia), our next hurdle was finding the A’REX train which will take us to Seoul. Thankfully, we were able to find our way to the train platform with the help of some good souls.

The coach was very clean, almost sterile even, and there were many vacant seats left. I chose to occupy the cluster of three seats located towards the end of the car and proceeded to make sense of the map of downtown Seoul that we picked up at the Airport’s information counter. Maybe I was so engrossed with the map that I didn’t notice that the coach was getting full already. And not a single one was occupying the seats next to mine. I caught an elderly man who was sitting directly opposite to me making covert glances and I suddenly realized that, gasp! I was occupying courtesy seats reserved for the elderly and pregnant passengers!

Of course, my tummy could easily pass for a pregnant woman’s and my uric acid levels can match that of a gereatric’s, but no excuses! I just hope no one took a video of my err, discourteous behavior. And thank goodness, this was not the fine city of Singapore. Singaporeans are allegedly not very forgiving of this kind of passenger behavior and are prone to employing shame campaigns by taking videos and photos and posting them online.

Ang Tsinelas ni GP

A very bleak weather greeted us during our first day in Seoul. And much to our dismay, the weather did not improve much during our entire stay. We wondered if this was why we got our Cebu Pacific tickets at a dirt-cheap price. We did not let this dampen our enthusiasm though. So we toured the rain-soaked city just the same, with me all clad in my old trusty tsinelas.

At first, I thought that wearing slippers was going to be a very wise decision. Inaalala ko lang naman kasi ang kapakanan ng mga kasama ko. I mean, I didn’t want to risk my shoes getting wet, wearing them all day and finally taking them off and finding that they have transformed into a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). But I would regret this decision the very moment I stepped out of our hotel. Pootek, bumabagyo na at lahat pero kontodo porma pa rin ang mga Koreano! Sa subway man, sa bus o sa kalsada. Everyone was dressed to the nines. Believe it or not, I only saw two Koreans wearing flip-flops that whole day. My poor toes have never felt so exposed, lol!

Rainy at the Palace


5 thoughts on “My Korean (Mis)Adventures

  1. ey thanks for dropping by my blog! andami mong stories – iba-iba rin! haha, I still would’ve worn slippers too even if it were raining but i can agree and imagine how these Koreans still dress up. haha.

    btw, you’re site is very clean! very commendable. linis talaga. opposite sa blog ko. haha.

  2. dami mo na naikot… galang pusa ka nga (as oppose to me na pusang gala hehe). tsaka witty titles hehe… keep up jun…

  3. that’s why i like about most koreans and japanese, they really take efforts to dress up everytime!
    come hell or high waters, poporma sila, why not. haha…

    i remember my 14day trip in tokyo last year, ganyan din ang eksena sa subway doon at train stations, lahat kamuka ni neo sa matrix trilogy, tapos ako patapos ang winter noon, wala man lang gloves at scarf to warm me up… lesson learned.

    i seriously envy you, i want to go to korea too.

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