You have probably heard a lot of horror stories about how tedious and cumbersome our airports’ passenger-related services are. This is not one of those.

In fact, this one cracked me up. Big time!

Here’s a dummy’s guide prepared by NAIA Terminal 3 authorities to ensure a speedy and smooth passenger clearance at the immigration counters:

How to Correctly Fill Up the Departure Card Form - NOT!

Not bad, huh!

Let’s take a closer look though.

Date of Issue (Passport): 122909 / Valid Until: 122906

Whoa! Are you kidding me?!

Exhibit A: Close-up Image of the Departure Card 1

And here are the filled-up fields for the passenger’s address ABROAD:

Disneyland Hotel

No. 123, E. De Los Santos, St.

Q.C. Hongkong


Exhibit B: Close-up Image of Departure Card 2

I couldn’t stop laughing my guts out. Thank you NAIA 3! I didn’t notice the almost hour-long immigration queue because of this.


GalangPusa would like to say thank you to Erica for the photo.


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