You know it’s  Borongan Fiesta time (well, almost) when you can feel this buzz of excitement in the air. It ain’t Christmas yet but children already have these expectant expressions like something exciting is going to happen anytime soon.

Innocent smiles on children’s faces

This is no more evident than in that busy stretch of a scenic highway that Boronganons call Baybay Boulevard. It was a weekday when we went there and yet there were literally rows and rows of chairs and colorful beach umbrellas that you could barely see the beach.

Baybay Boulevard slowly comes to life

I was momentarily distracted from taking in the gorgeous view of the City Port, the islands of Ando and Divinubo and a tranquil piece of the Pacific Ocean by these brightly colored bancas.

Perfect Backdrop – Borongan City Port and the Pacific Ocean

As I continued walking along, I saw several kids playing beach football and realized that we have some budding Azkal-wannabes in large supply here. I saw one who can, with a few more years of training, give the Younghusbands a run for their money.

Beach Football

The afternoon light soon gave way to dusk which was a signal for me to go to the other side of the boulevard which was far more crowded and rowdier – the peryahan. I think Boronganons will agree with me that there is no better reminder that their Town Fiesta /Padul-ong Festival is just around the corner than this.

Baybay Boulevard at Dusk

Fishball Stall

Bingo (with plastic pails and basins as special prizes)

Wheel of Fortune

 Son, life is just one big gamble. 

This one cracked me up, just before we called it a night.

Paunawa: Ang dice lumabas tumakiled yun lang uuliten (is that clear?)


4 thoughts on “One lazy afternoon in Borongan Baybay Boulevard…

  1. you must have missed home. and surely you will be missing someone for the rest of your life. hope you are coping well. be fine.

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