Continuous rainfall and strong winds did not deter us from Seoul Searching. And so our exploration continued at a frenetic pace. We thoroughly enjoyed ticking off the list of sights in our itinerary that we did not even stop to take a  bite in this food stall.    

Korean lovers sharing snacks at a food stall

I’m not very comfortable taking photos of random people without their knowledge. This was after I almost figured in an altercation not so long ago because of this 😦

But after seeing this photo,  I sure am glad that I did. I think this picture of Korean lovers sharing snacks at a food stall was the best photograph I ever took during this trip.

And I had no inkling that this image would set the mood/theme for the rest of that day. You see, our next stop was the N Seoul Tower and I thought that we just included this in our itinerary because of the breathtaking bird’s eye view of downtown Seoul that it offers from its viewing decks.

N Seoul Tower is a communication and observation tower located in Namsan Mountain, central Seoul, South Korea. Built in 1969, at a cost of approximately $2.5 million, and opened to the public in 1980, the tower has been a symbol of Seoul and measures 236.7 m (777 ft) in height (from the base) and tops out at 479.7 m (1,574 ft) above sea level. (Wikipedia)

Little did I know that it is one of Seoul’s popular dating sites.

And by popular, I mean this – railings of the Tower’s viewing decks festooned with thousands (or maybe millions) of love locks inscribed with lover’s names and promises of eternal love and devotion.

Railings festooned with thousands of love locks inscribed with lover's name and promises of eternal love and devotion.

I once read a blog about these love locks but the setting was in Paris.

Wiki has compiled some legends and superstitions about these love padlocks. Let me share these with you here:

  • “In Fengyuan, Taiwan love padlocks affixed to an overpass at the city’s train station are often affixed in pairs. These locks are known as “wish locks” and local legend holds that the magnetic field generated by trains passing underneath will cause energy to accumulate in the locks and fulfill the wishes.
  • On a fountain in Montevideo in Paraguay, a plaque is affixed to the front of the fountain that provides an explanation in both English and Spanish. The English version of the text reads, “The legend of this young fountain tells us that if a lock with the initials of two people in love is placed in it, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked.”

Locked Up in this Prison We Call Love

The lovers’ promises to each other were mostly in Korean language. But we found this message in English from Rachelle to Jerry (aww, aint it sweet?!). And fairly recent too! Let’s hope they’re still together, lol.

Heartiest Wishes, Heartfelt Desires

Hmmm, and they have Christmas Trees too. But wait, they’re also trees completely covered with love locks!

A Tree of Love Locks

And what about the view from the viewing deck? Was it really splendid?

You be the judge.

Seoul by Night: A Cliff-Top Vantage Point


Ms. E (seriously examining a love lock): magiging marupok ang kanilang pag-iibigan…

Galang Pusa: Bakit?

Ms. E: Made in China eh…


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