If you have tons of time and loads of patience, nothing beats a do-it-yourself tour. Not only will it save you a couple of bucks but the psychic reward of “making it” without professional help is priceless.

Just do it - DIY Tours

I heart Korea!

I guess this has something to do with expectations. With package tours, you expect more value for your money. With a DIY tour, you tend to “go with the flow” and not expect much which is why pleasant surprises such as what we experienced below have greater hedonic impact.

A tableau of a traditional Korean wedding (National Folk Museum of Korea)

Call it pure luck or just plain coincidence, but one day after we saw this tableau of a traditional Korean wedding at the National Folk Museum of Korea, we were able to witness a “live” version at the Korea House.

Waiting for the bride to come out

It was an interracial union between a Caucasian male and a Korean female. Live traditional wedding music was playing and the groom and the bride were wearing formal court costumes for the ceremony. And each one had two attendants who I suspect also doubled as security personnel just in case one of them gets the cold feet, lol.

The bride prostrates herself on her knees, perhaps as a symbol of her subjection to her groom.

We watched the proceedings from behind glass windows but we can tell it was a beautiful and solemn wedding.

Traditional Korean Wedding

And since this was a DIY tour (read: no tour guide narratives), I had to consult  Wiki on the intricacies of saying “I do” in Korea after our trip: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_in_South_Korea


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5 thoughts on “DIY and saying “I do” the Korean way

  1. i cannot agree more on “nothing beats a DIY tour”… we’re currently embarking on one now.
    natuto ako sa’yo, jun. 🙂
    will share it in my blog real soon.

  2. wow! excited na akong mabasa yan. pag kasama ko mga officemates ko sa pag-gagala, nagkakaroon pa kami ng series of meetings para ma-finalize ang itinerary. ganun kami ka-OC kaya DIY is always the way to go for all of us.

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