Not a few holidays were spoiled when Typhoon Mina (International Name: Nanmadol) made her grand entrance to the Philippine Area of Responsibility during the long weekend.

Case in Point Number 1. I have a lady colleague whose dreams of  going on a solo backpacking trip up north and making it a journey towards self-discovery went literally down the alulod and finally to the estero. Indeed, tropical storms are the bane of a solo traveler’s existence, especially if they decide to follow you and keep you company. The end result – she swore off solo backpacking trips for good and now wants to get hitched (how’s that for self-discovery?).

Case in Point Number 2. The prospect of wrapping myself in a blanket and curling up in bed all day long while the rain was thudding on the roof seemed to be very attractive at first.  But two days of being cooped up at home, I realized, can be such a drag. And so I decided to salvage what was left of the long weekend and went to Mall of Asia.



Full speed ahead! No one had the nerve to tell me to press my brakes.

Soaring over Mall of Asia


9 thoughts on “Holidays gone bust

  1. hey, jun i like that (what do you call it?) scooter-looking wheels! sakay kami ni gabby dyan, hehe!
    is that yours or did you rent it? how much?
    the photo looks so cool too! 🙂 *aliw ako sa umaga*

  2. Naks, mini-Segway?

    Your story about your friend’s journey towards self-discovery, esp. where she ended up, is funny! Parang, sige na nga mag-aasawa na lang, haha.
    What do you call that last thrill activity? Looks like fun.

    • Yup, mini-Segway. They call it Wowowheels and I bet it’s Made in China, like everything else haha.

      Sinundan talaga siya ng bagyo. Ang nakakatawa, katatapos lang namin mag-attend ng workshop on vulnerability to climate change a few days before she went up north (Vigan and Laoag). And we had a resource person from PAG-ASA haha.

      They call it bungee fun. Pero sa hitsura ng mga taong nagtry eh hindi siya fun at all haha. More like bungee scare.

  3. Wowowheels ang tawag. Mukha siyang Segway, yung two-wheeled, self balancing electronic vehicle pero duda ko made in china siya hahaha. At apat ang wheels niya. 80 pesos lang for 8 minutes at may kasamang free picture na ang backdrop ay tarp ng MOA hehehe. Pampamilya!

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