I reckon that in about half of all the recent travel photos of me floating out there in the web-o-sphere, I’m wearing the same old, dingy shirt and a pair of washed- slash worn-out jeans. It’s neither because I have lost all interest in looking good nor am I just too stingy to shell out for my clothes. I think I just developed a liking to this denim and that shirt which mold themselves perfectly to this lean and buff physique that I call my body <insert devilish grin here>. Or it might also be a function of age – I’m way past that stage in my cognitive development when I was supposedly developing my own taste (i.e., “I know now what I like and I’m sticking to it”).

But sometimes, you do need to let your travel apparel take a break from the washing machine.

Waiting for the Skytrain to open (Budget Terminal, Changi Airport)

So now  I have my own travel uniform.

My Travel Uniform (I have another one in white)

My travel uniform will serve a triple purpose. First it will be a perfect excuse slash face-saving strategy: no one will dare ask me why I’m wearing the same attire over and over again (duh?! it’s my travel uniform for crying out loud!). Second, I expect that my friends/travel companions will soon catch interest,  google Galang Pusa, and find themselves reading my blog (additional traffic din yun hahahaha). And finally, it makes for a good couple shirt (sooo cheesy, lol).

I'm all for cutting cost so a 2-in-1 -travel uniform and couple shirt- makes practical sense. (kasama si kaCynthiahan ko)


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