How many times have you had a photo that looked like something it is not?

I was going over my pictures the other night when I came across  this:

Dakar, Senegal (June 2010)

Yup, that’s me and nope, that’s not me running away scared shitless.

That’s just one of my feeble attempts at jumpology.

Seriously though, this capture seems very eerie and ghostly, like a scene straight from a halloween horror flick. This was taken along a deserted bayside road around 1-2 kilometers from the Pullman Dakar Teranga Hotel where we were staying. The afternoon light was giving way to dusk and we were in a hurry to get back to the hotel. We came around this bend in the road and I was instantly attracted to the spooky streetlight and the enveloping darkness.

I could not resist a jumpshot.

I think it could at least pass for a cover of a cheap paperback suspense thriller. Any takers?


Aargh. Ok. I better get some sleep now.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


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