We were roaming the streets of Dakar one humid June afternoon when we chanced upon this cathedral located a few blocks away from the  Palaise Presidentiel.  We knew that Senegal has a predominantly Muslim population (about 94%) and so this sight of a familiar structure in a foreign land was strangely comforting. A mass was currently being held when we arrived and so we contented ourselves with taking photos of the church.

Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoires – Side View

Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoires – Facade

The four angels adorning the church’s facade, in particular, piqued my curiosity.  I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m Asian but I haven’t seen Asian versions of these celestial beings! I just had to take some photos!

Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories, Dakar, Senegal

One of the four angels adorning the facade of the cathedral

And then disaster struck!

Moments from Disaster

A few minutes after this photo was taken, the priest who was officiating the mass, went down from the pulpit to drive us away.  I thought he was going to invite us in but a quick glance at the face of this man in his full priestly regalia convinced us otherwise. His face was livid with something akin to rage and his eyes were smouldering like hot coals! He was saying something in French which I effortlessly translated (no need for Babel Fish this time) to “Begone!”

We scampered away like rats in a jiffy!

So this is how it feels like to be banished from the gates of heaven, I told myself.


9 thoughts on “Excommunicated

  1. Hmm, maybe he thought you had sinister plans on the building? 😉
    I like the features on that angel. It’d be appropriate on the ones we have here in our country.

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