93  days.

It feels weird to be back after more than a 3-month long hiatus.  And a bit funny too!  For whatever reason, I suddenly had this urge to explain my absence.  I was well over into the second paragraph of what sounded like a moderately convincing excuse letter when it suddenly hit me – do I really need to provide a detailed account of my absence? Would anybody out there even care?

It’s not as if I have a large readership who wait with bated breath for my next mini-masterpiece.  All too often I forget that Galang Pusa is the world’s number 1 blog…with the lowest web traffic, that is!

And so I resolved not to pollute the blogosphere with my own version of “I’m Awfully Sorry I’ve Been Away for Far Too Long” post. I will instead give a sneak peek into what I have been up to during the days and months when I was just being myself: a Galang Pusa (noun. a domesticated cat who takes pleasure in occasionally leaving the house and not returning for hours or days on end just to enjoy everything that is on the other side of that pet door.).

Here’s what I did:

  • I scaled the majestic height of Angkor Wat  in Cambodia,  experienced the height of opulence in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and traveled a short distance in high style – on top of an elephant in Thailand.

A spectacular sight from the view deck of the Marina Bay Sands

  • I watched a classical Khmer performance known as an Apsara dance and a riveting demonstration of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai

  • I sampled Angkor, Chang and Singha. Cheers!

Here's to more travels in the future!


4 thoughts on “Excuse me

  1. with such reasons, you’re absence in the blogosphere is so valid.
    now, get ready to share the experiences and those i know-drool-worthy photos (marina bay sands?! wow!) you took and enough with the teasers, please! haha! 😀

    happy 2012, jun! cheers to a healthier and more blessed life!

    • i will try my best docgelo :). i will be away for the most part during this month and the next. i’m quickly realizing that i’m a galangpusa first and a blogger second. or a galangpusa pretending to be a blogger 😉

      happy new year to you, tina and gabby!

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