This is it!

This is really it!!!

With my Sinicynthia/Kacynthiahan

Seven years after we first met, and just over a year since we became a couple, my Kacynthiahan will finally walk down the aisle to marry me. I have never felt so happy and so grateful! Surely, I must have done something good in my past! Why else would God bestow upon me such great gift?

I first met Cynthia when she was still working for the Department of the Interior and Local Government. We went out on a couple of dates, some under the aggressive prodding of her colleagues who were far more thrilled to test their matchmaking prowess and to see her out on the dating circuit again. Other times, we would (on our own volition and without her colleagues’ knowledge) go out to have dinner or to watch a movie. I would learn that we share almost the same background. What also struck me was her love for the Lord. I knew then that this was a lady that I would be proud to introduce to my parents.

But for some reason, the relationship just wouldn’t take off. It’s a long story and I’m not going to bore you with it. But please do grab a copy once my book about this (which has 32 long chapters) is out in the market hehe. Seriously, I guess it all boiled down to the fact that I was not ready just yet. It was a “now on-now off” kind of thing.

Things took a turn for the worse when she told me that she was moving to Singapore. Weeks before she left, she visited my father who was about to undergo his first major brain surgery. I remember she took my father’s hand and offered a prayer for the success of the operation and for his speedy recovery. Tatay then was not his usual self because the tumor in his brain was hindering his ability to sleep, but he was well-behaved all the time while Cynthia was praying for God’s healing touch. When she left, Tatay asked me if Cynthia was “The One”. I couldn’t help but chuckle at Tatay’s attempt to marry me off. But I remember telling him, she could have been “The One” but sadly, she is leaving for abroad.

I knew the distance would mean we will drift farther apart. And indeed our communication would stop for long periods at a time.But we would still say hi to each other whenever we catch each other online. Cynthia came back for a short visit in December 2008 but unfortunately, I was attending a conference that time and thus was not able to see her.

Months and then years soon passed by. In June 2010, I was taking a sidetrip to Paris after attending a conference in Africa. I was so taken by the place that I resolved to bring my future wife at least once to this romantic city of lights. I thought about Cynthia and vowed to reconnect with her because I would be transiting in Singapore on my way home. I bought her a small gift. This time though, it was Cynthia’s turn to say “I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you”. Short notice, she told me. I was disappointed, to put it mildly. I remember telling myself that this is exactly what Jimmy must have felt in the “Don’t Cry Joni” song.

But we would still say “hi” and “hello” whenever we catch each other online.

In March of 2011, Cynthia returned to Manila to attend a friend’s wedding. We met up… and everything changed. I remember holding her hand inside the elevator and realizing how natural that felt. She hugged me just before I hailed a cab and I remember pulling her tight and giving her a small kiss on the cheek and I realized how good and sweet that moment was.

This is it!

She left for Singapore the next day but it was never going to be “business as usual” for me. I courted her aggressively this time and after a month we were officially “on”.

I admit I had some misgivings on long distance relationships. But thanks to the internet, we have kept the passion and love alive even though we are thousand miles apart. Between us, we have clocked enough mileage (approximately 12,000 miles) in the last year alone just to be together on special occasions.

And what about that small gift that I bought for her in Paris?

The Gift

It was gathering dust in my drawer but I found the opportunity to give it to her last July when she came for a visit. It will serve both as a reminder and a promise – a reminder that I almost blew my chance to be with the woman I love and a promise that I will bring her to Paris one day.

Who knows, maybe on our 1st wedding anniversary?


19 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. i have to stop doing an examination due next week just to read this post (i hope my boss isn’t reading my comment too). anyway, i am sorry to know your dad’s condition but on a lighter note, i was smiling when i was reading about the fact that your tatay managed to asked if she’s your ONE.

    happy for you, jun (kahit di pa tayo meet -you know blogging binds bloggers alike)!!!
    ako din, gusto ko dalin pamilya ko sa paris one day. mabuti ka pa nga nakatapak na don, why not a honeymoon for you two, perhaps in the city of lights? i will die of envy if it happens, haha!

    congratulations and best wishes! 🙂

  2. Hi Jun! I am your kaCynthia-han’s former officemate. I am very happy for you and much more happy for Cyn! Indeed everything has it’s time and yours is now! Have a blissful marriage and God bless!

  3. Grabe, I can’t contain how happy I am for the two of you… at ang clear and present confirmation ng ilang kinauukulan that “there is something” in the works!!!!

    San kaya ang honeymoon ng dalawang to… hmmm…???

    Well, I wish for you and Cynthia what me and my wife enjoys right now. The colorful and chalenging life as a half of a whole bound by love.

    All the best Gob and Cynthia!!! May God continually bless the you as you were blessed when you first met each other.

  4. Ang saya saya! You so obviously love her, Jun (well, based on this post and past ones, anyway) that you’ll be so great together. Ok, it won’t be all sugary sweetness all the time but nakakaumay din ang sweetness, dapat may away din, to the max pa sometimes. Hay nakoh, what am I saying, basta nakakatuwa.

    Congratulations to the two of you! And may you have many happy ‘gala’ together. 🙂

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  6. Awwww…this is so sweet. 😀 So she was almost “the one that got away” for you. Buti na lang! 🙂

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