Please excuse me while I momentarily throw all inhibitions out of the window and do my version of the dougie. It’s not everyday that this humble corner in the blogosphere marks a milestone after all.

Today, Galang Pusa zoomed past the 10,000 views threshold! This is no big deal of course for star bloggers out there who climb the ladder to success “escalator-style” and leave the rest of the wannabes like me in “respirator-style”. But hey, we do have nowhere to go but up!

For those who have “been there, done that,”  I can hear you loud and clear. Indeed, the number of hits is by no means a very good measure of blogging success. For all I know, majority of my readers may have only stumbled to my site by accident called “IGMG” (I-Google Mo G*go!). But it still is a good start and I will not allow anyone, not even myself, to burst my bubble. For 15 minutes at least!

And so, for those who have mercifully read this entry up to this point, let me share with you the top 3 stories that propelled me to blogging superstardom (I’m stretching it a bit too far, you might say, but some haughty people  I know prefer to call this the writer’s prerogative) :

  1. Corregidor Island – a story (more like a rant!) about my half day tour of this historic place that sits on the mouth of Manila Bay.
  2. Bangkal Thriftshops – a good introduction to the riches that await the ukay-ukay junkies in this small stretch of a road in Makati.
  3. This is it! – a condensed version of a love saga (mine!) that took seven years to make.

And so, before my 15 minutes of fame go down the drain, I will now use what’s left of it to drink myself silly. Cheers!

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin


Source of Dancing Black Cat Image – http://www.tag-pictures.com


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