In our daily rush to get from Point A to Point B, rarely do we give ourselves time to stop and appreciate the special and spontaneous happenings in the subway.

Take this girl who broke into a dance on the ramp while waiting for the next train in downtown Seoul one stormy June morning last year. Most of the commuters were a bit amused but went about their daily activities as usual.

This wall featuring artworks and paintings by various artists in Anguk substation hardly gets a second glance from locals which is such a shame!

But then again, people may have become so familiar and so desensitized with these stunning masterpieces that they go about their daily lives without even noticing them. I was almost sorry to stop on my tracks and take photos of these beauties because people were oh so busy milling about!

During one of our commutes, we chanced upon this old man who was showcasing his talent at calligraphy known as Hangul.  Now this was one of those rare moments that I won’t let pass me by.

A Korean Language Blog describes Hangul as “a relatively new writing system with a scientific background; its 24 characters represent the features of the mouth when pronouncing each shape, letter. It was invented by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty in 1446, but was not fully recognized until Korea’s independence from Japan in 1945.”

The blog further claims that it is “a high art form, and it is taught as an elective at most Korean universities and cultural centers.”

Boy, was I glad to get a glimpse of a master at his makeshift work shop in a busy subway station!

How about you? What sort of little happenings do you find in your metro system and subway stations?


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