I’m currently on a 1-week sojourn in Siem Reap, Cambodia to attend the BlogFest Asia 2012. It’s my second time to be here after attending another conference last year in this lovely town which is more  popularly known as the ‘Gateway to the Majestic Angkor Wat’.  

You can therefore imagine how deeply mortified I was when a blogger, who is also going to attend the blogfest, asked me to provide links where she can read my blog entries about the place and I could only provide just one. JUST ONE! What have I been doing all this time?

But I guess it’s not yet too late to reform my ways. So here goes….


Love is sweeter the second time around. And when they said love, they must have been referring to Siem Reap. For what is there not to love about this place?

Alluring Apsara

This town has a laidback and relaxed vibe that will grow into you and keep you coming back for more (Yes! I am referring to you harried city-dweller whose idea of relaxation is a quick nap while sitting in a crowded subway train, sandwiched between two sweaty strangers).

The nightlife is not bad either. Don’t take my word for it though. This is just what I have heard and seen for myself while walking down Pub Street one night. You can fact-check this one with my wifey!

A typical scene on Pub Street at night

And the shopping? I’m telling you this is not the place to be for recovering former shopaholics!

And yes, I haven’t even mentioned Angkor Wat and the other ancient Khmer temples that are attracting throngs of people on a daily basis!

There’s something else I would like to tell you though – the tuktuk in Siem Reap is the BOMB!

Coming from Manila where riding a tricycle or a pedicab requires you to be osteoporosis-free first, a contortionist second, and a passenger third (yep, you’ve got to tightly squeeze them butts and flabs in order to fit in), riding a tuktuk here is truly a liberating and exhilarating experience (especially for your derriere, trust me on this one, sweetie!).

Yep baby! You gotta squeeze them butts and flabs just to get in.
Source of Photo: penfires.com

Its open structure provides for an unimpeded flow of fresh air (and the occasional dust too, which is not really that bad) and a 180 degree view of the charming countryside (don’t push it too hard babe, a 360 degree view is certainly possible but you’re risking a stiff neck right there!).

Tuktuk is the bomb!

The seats are so comfy too like my lazyboy which drives me, errm, lazy and sleepy.

And oh, most of them are fitted with covers that will make your mama proud! Come to think of it, the tuktuk is like an extension of your home – it’s your mother’s favorite chair in disguise (yep, the same one with the floral slipcover)!


12 thoughts on “Siem Reap is love and tuktuk is the bomb!

    • Hi Cyra! The apsara photo was taken during my first visit to Siem Reap (December 2011). I believe there are restos here that offer a dinner+apsara performance package. You should try it. Who knows, maybe the blogfest organizers have lined one up during the welcome ceremonies tomorrow. See you there!

  1. Welcome to Siem Reap, I’m going to try and get to Blog Fest on Saturday… nice entry and cool to see you getting into the swing of things. Tuk-tuks here are great aren’t they? Though given we have no taxis – they really have to be. 🙂 Hope to catch up with you and everyone else in a day or two.

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