This blog received a big boost on December 28, 2012 when galangpusa was officially granted recognition as a travel blog by Pinoy Travel Bloggers, an elite group of young people (I figure I’m a kuya to more than half of the members!) who live and breathe travel. Claire Madarang of iamtravelinglight.com  recommended this blog and Gael of thepinaysolobackpacker.com officially welcomed me to PTB less than 24 hours after my nomination.


Being granted a “travel blog” status by PTB is a no mean feat — the group makes a clear distinction between a travel and a personal blog (i.e., for a blog to be considered a travel blog, it must have at least 20 posts with a minimum 80 percent of posts about travel). And Gael, being one of the administrators of the group, must have conducted a thorough audit and sifted through my blog entries with a fine-tooth comb (a spike in my otherwise boring stats page told me, lol). So yeah, I’m now one of the 294 bona fide members of PTB! Thank you folks at PTB for this recognition!


From left to right: Cyra (marengkayod.blogspot.com), Gael (thepinaysolobackpacker.com), Galang Pusa, and Ed (soloflighted.com) during the Blogfest Asia 2012 in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Let me just say that the people at PTB take their traveling seriously! Gael and Ed’s blogs, for instance, are veritable treasure troves of information about travel destinations that I can only salivate at. And last I heard/read, they have taken their quest for traveling several notches higher by choosing to be location independent professionals aka digital nomads.

Now, if I can only be half as prolific a blogger as I am a traveler! And since I’m writing this on the very first day of 2013, you can count that as one of my resolutions.

A Happy Blogging New Year to You!


14 thoughts on “PTB’ed

  1. Wow! Great going, Jun! I for one love the humor (and the down-to-earth quality) you bring to your posts. It makes your blog standout from most other pinoy travel blogs.
    Happy new year and happy pinoy travels! Looking forward to more posts from you (kahit andami ko na reading backlog, haha.)

  2. Wow, you’re lucky to have met the Pinay Solobackpacker and the Soloflighter! They’re blogstars, admired but beyond reach, at least for me. 🙂

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