So now you’ve got foot blisters from all that walking around Angkor Wat and intense pub crawling along the famed Pub Street of Siem Reap. And you still have time to pick up a few souvenir items for your friends who won’t forgive you if you do not buy them a present. No worries! Just head on to the Angkor Night Market and take your pick from the wide array of choices for “pasalubong”.

IMG_8976 IMG_8982

These are what I found:

1. Yarn Ball Characters. What respectable cat can resist this?


2. Passport Holders. Fashioned out of sacks of cement. Quite sturdy and eco-friendly too!

photo (20)

3. Hand-made Greeting Cards. Made by foundations caring for orphans.

photo (21)

4. Coasters from The Blue Pumpkin. TBP is a must visit when you’re in Siem Reap. They serve superb ice cream, perfect for cooling down after all that walking and shopping.

photo (19)


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