All indications pointed that this was not going to be the romantic getaway that we had originally envisioned. For one, I did not get any response to my twitter inquiry whether a driver will fetch me and my wife (who flew in from Singapore) from the airport. Second, the personnel at the airport taxi service counter were not familiar with the location of the hotel. Finally, after several minutes of being cooped up in the taxi en route to the hotel, we realized that it was located in a far more secluded place than we anticipated. Surely, this vacation is now ruined even before it has started, I told myself.

But it turned out to be a case of love at first sight!

Rumah Batu Villa and Spa, a botique resort and spa located in the traditional Javanese village of Baki Pandean Sukoharjo in the City of Solo, Central Java, calmed our frazzled nerves even before our taxi driver opened our door and ushered us out.



“Leave your cares and worries at the door,” it seemed to tell us.


We just melted and succumbed to its charms.


Rumah Batu Villa & Spa won us over before I can even utter a terse “I would like to have a word with your manager.”

Let me count the reasons why:

  1. Warm hospitality of the staff who offered profuse apologies for the “miscommunication;”
  2. Our simple, yet elegant Bali Green Superior Room that speaks of total refinement and relaxation;
  3. Sophisticated and high quality fixtures which speak volumes about the thought process that went into their design;
  4. A beautiful swimming pool which seemed to be reserved for our private use that night; and
  5. Lush and well-maintained greenery that invites you to reconnect and commune with nature.









And how can we ever forget about the food? The dinner that we ordered that night was a perfect fusion of authentic Javanese and Western cuisine. All the dishes were exquisitely plated which heightened our dining experience until we felt almost giddy. And the service was superb too!







Our room came with full breakfast buffet for two served at the Rumah Jawah restaurant whose interiors exude a charming blend of traditional Javanese and Balinese style.



Part of the buffet spread was Solo’s specialty dish called Timlo, a soup that consists of a mixture of mushrooms, white noodles (vermicelli), shredded chicken, sausages, and boiled eggs doused with chicken broth.


And while we were enjoying our breakfast, a bee was also busy making the rounds on the flowers. What a truly relaxing morning it was!




Did I say that the room fetched for only USD41.22 or PhP1,695.95 only? Quite a steal, don’t you think?





One of the attractions of Rumah Batu is the spa which offers various types of body massages and beauty treatments. Unfortunately, we were not able to sample their services because we had to leave right after breakfast.



We were sorry we had to go. But the lure of the Borobudur and Prambanan Temples was just too hard to resist!



Incidental Information:

Rumah Batu Villa & Spa

Jl Ovensari Raya No.8 , Baki
Solo Baru, Central Java, Indonesia

Tel. 0271-623443
Fax. 0271-621458
Email: rumahbatuvillaandspa@yahoo.com


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7 thoughts on “Rumah Batu Villa & Spa: Love at First Sight

  1. Pingback: Foto Friday: Nirvana | Galang Pusa

      • checking their website but it does not say much how far or exactly where.

        too bad you did not avail of the services 🙂

      • i think it would not be to their best interest to describe where they are exactly. they are really in a secluded area far from the city center. many travelers would balk at the idea of spending their vacation in a remote location (you would know you are near if you are already traveling past rice paddies). but we did! and we enjoyed the experience a lot!

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