Guess who just got lucky and scored a DateinDaet2014 last weekend?

Well, I did! And you could say I have fallen for her charms.




Who wouldn’t? Like the Sweet Formosa Pineapple variety that is aplenty in the area, she can be a bit rough on the edges. But wait till you get to know her better and you will see how sweet and totally awesome she can be.

I’m hooked. And I’m already hankering for a second date.


Listen, I’m not the kiss-and-tell kind of guy. But how would you guys know she is not just a product of my overly wild imagination?

So here’s a preview of how things went during our first date:



Lest my wife gets to read this piece and my initial foray into “creative writing” backfires on me, let me just say that the she in the writeup above refers to the Municipality of Daet, the capital of the Province of Camarines Norte. 😉

Date in Daet 2014 or DiD 2014 is a tourism advocacy campaign that aims to provide a venue for bloggers to discover and rediscover Daet. It is primarily a non-profit event that encourages bloggers, businesses and other stakeholders to be closer to Daet, to make friends with one another and to reconcile all efforts for a better and progressive society. This is in line with Sole Searching Soul’s purpose of making a difference in a community one trip at a time.  

Watch out for my other blogposts about Date in Daet 2014 in the coming days!



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